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Early School Materials Co.
P.O. Box 727
Lafayette, OR 97127
phone 503-857-7065

How to Order

Early School Materials no longer accepts credit cards. All orders must be prepaid by check unless using a valid school purchase order

Purchase orders must be mailed or emailed. We no longer have a fax number.

Email questions or purchase orders to:
earlyschoolmaterials@gmail.com or contact us here.

You can use this order form (pdf) and print it, or write your order on paper and mail it. Be sure to include
1. the "ship to" address
2. items you want and the quantity
3. your name, email & phone number

See order form (pdf) for shipping charges.

Please mail prepaid orders or purchase orders to:
Early School Materials
P.O Box 727
Lafayette, OR 97127


"I love the animal puzzles & letters.... Thanks for providing such a wonderful alternative to the traditional suppliers."
Judy W., Hawaii