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Early School Materials Co.
P.O. Box 727
Lafayette, OR 97127
phone 503-857-7065

About Us

The Early School Materials shop in Lafayette, OregonEarly School Materials has been making high quality classroom materials since 1985. We manufacture our products in our small shop in Oregon. We are proud of our ability to provide good jobs to hard-working people in our small town.

Our business strives to be environmentally and socially responsible. We use American hardwoods and nontoxic finishes.

Solar panels provide our electricityWe have a grid-tie solar electric system that generates most of the electricity we use in our shop. We burn our wood scraps in an efficient wood-burning stove to provide heat in the winter.

Most of our products were invented by us, from our whimsical Pom Pom Push to our Maze Tray. Some of our product ideas came from teachers wanting something new and different. These original ideas, combined with old-style joinery, make our materials successful in active classrooms. As new ideas evolve, we will make additions to our line of materials. In 1995, we made significant changes to George Russell-Taffelberg's ingenious Teens and Units Bead Hangers, adding movable number strips and small wooden numeral cards. We respect the original work of others.

Our goal is to support teachers and parents in their important work with young children.

We appreciate your support.


"I was so excited to see so many new materials that look so innovative -- ones that you can just see will work so well in a Montessori program.... Keep up the good work!"
Karen N., Washington


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